"The Roussillon Herald"

(A sort of Regimental Newspaper !)

UPDATE - The German Generals car, siezed by the Royal Sussex Regiment in Tunisia in 1943, 

now nearly fully restored to it` s original state on capture - (only Canvas Canopy to restore)

New Pics courtesy of Sussex Express.

The Anton/Ascher Story

"Issued" with the Royal Sussex Regiment as bogus unit (complete with cap-badge & contact Officer !) in an attempt, if captured, to foil the death sentence for Commandos. (All members of X Troop - 10 Comd. had bogus names & Regiments.) - A famous "German" British commando.

This proud German/Jewish veteran has now commited suicide.

Peter Burbery, 82, Royal Sussex Veteran (1954-1956) from Brighton.

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Supply & Replenishment system during World War One.

(5th (Cinque ports) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment.)

LAST POSTS - Our Obituaries to Col. Peter Hubert OBE  (late 2I/C ""C" Coy, 3 Queens in Mullhouse)

who died on 1st Febuary 2017, to L/Cpl Phillip "Pip" Wicks, who passed on 28th January 2017, to Sir Peter Tapsell MP, an  Ex-Regimental Officer of the Royal Sussex Regiment, who died yesterday 18th.Aug. 


Unvieling of a new Regimental Plaque to the men of the Royal Sussex Regiment,

in Lewes Town Hall by the Mayor, on 12th September 2018.

STOP PRESS - Visit of the Royal Sussex Regimental Association in Priez, Sept 2018

& the memorial to the fallen. (for the 2nd Year)

(Thanks to Alfie drew for the Pics)

Update on "Starlight"

Mike Sinden has now moved to the South Downs, here mowing his lawn at his new abode.


Here are a few photos (mainly of Ex-Sigs. Pl. members)  Thanks to Ross for sending & Jean Jones for taking them.

How do you construct a Fake ?

If you know how.....you may not wish to fake anything.........but you can at least then, recognise one !

(follow the story in 5 slides from left to right - 1 to 5)

How a popular photo from the various media outlets was not what it appeared to be !

Research & Expos`e - copyright Leslie Deacon