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The Regiment`` s other "Continuous Presence" - 28th July 2020

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Local Remembrance News from Worthing

many thanks to Worthing Herald Newspaper

Editor Elaine Hammond - Pics by Steve Robards

                 Worthing service commemorates

                     THE BATTLE OF BOAR`  S HEAD

                      "The Day that Sussex Died"

June 30th, 2020. 

Wreaths were laid in Worthing today to commemorate the 104th anniversary of the Battle of the Boar’s Head, known as The Day that Sussex Died. Veterans were among the gathering at the dedicated memorial in Beach House Park for the annual service, including two minutes’ silence. Worthing mayor Lionel Harman laid a wreath with the message: “Time will not diminish our gratitude for those that sacrificed everything so we may enjoy our tomorrows.” Ian Newman, who organised the service, laid a wreath on behalf of the Lewes branch of the Royal Sussex Regiment Association and Sid Hunt laid a wreath on behalf of Worthing Veterans Association.

Mr Newman said: “Twenty-one Worthing men died at Boar’s Head. Three brothers died that day, what a tragedy for one father.” He read the Wraiths of Morning poem, words spoken at the final reunion meeting of the Southdown Battalions Association on May 12, 1979. Andrew Byford, who was a Colour Sergeant in the Queen’s Regiment, read the exhortation and the words of the Kohima Epitaph.
The Battle of the Boar’s Head took place during the First World War at Richebourg-l’Avoué in France. It was planned on June 30, 1916, as a diversionary action to make the German Command believe this area of the Pas de Calais was the one chosen for the major offensive of the year. Soldiers from the Royal Sussex Regiment led the attack and the battle lasted less than five hours. The South Downs Brigade lost 17 officers and 349 men, the 13th Battalion being all but wiped out. More than 1,000 were wounded or taken prisoner.After the service, Mr Newman said: “I would like to thank everyone for coming to remember the guys who died at Richebourg in 1916, the day before the Somme.”
After the service, Mr Newman said: “I would like to thank everyone for coming to remember the guys who died at Richebourg in 1916, the day before the Somme.”

This could have been written yesterday !   .......    It is from 1905 !

The Ex - Royal Sussex soldier, Sean Hedley Tierney

who was jailed for life for trying to murder his retired neighbours, has died of the coronavirus in prison.

Our "In Memoriam" to the late Alan Thubron


an enlistment photo of him, from 1958.

The incredible story of the men of the LYDDALL Family.

George - Herbert - James.

Three Royal Sussex Regimental fighting soldiers from 3 different generations in three different Wars. 

Three different War Memorials

in Eastbourne, Sussex,

remembering the fallen of the Royal Sussex Regiment.


The Ballymurphy Inquest Closes.

Sitrep from the Regimental Secretary, RHQ, The Queen's Regiment.

(An extract from his letter from  Sun 8th March 2020)

Many thanks to Mario for the Heads-up.

Ballymurphy Inquest.  RHQ has been informed that the Ballymurphy Inquest closed today without the Parachute Regiment or Queen’s Regiment associations having to provide oral evidence.  Whilst this is good news for the veterans there is a still an outside chance that the families legal team will ask for a Judicial Review over the medical exemption granted by the coroner to one of the military witnesses.  Thus opening at least parts of the inquest back up.
During the week two of the three Queen’s Regiment veterans (the third was not required) gave evidence in person (anonymously).  It would seem that lawyers for the families of the dead  were cut off a number of times by the Coroner when they were trying to carry out a fishing expedition and, in their opinion, that the Coroner seemed to have had enough.  Both veterans were looked after by the system in place to look after them.  The following points are useful to note:
  • All the arrangements prior to the Court hearing went very well with sound, helpful and supportive meetings with Devonshires (the MOD legal team) prior to the trip to Belfast, and good and clear briefings from the MOD Solicitor and barrister before the actual hearing. One veteran gave particular praise to the MoD staff who were present.
  • There were no 'fast balls' in court and the only comment was the Cypher List (linking names of soldiers to a letter and number did not seem to include all Queens officers in Springmartin at the time of the incident), but apart from that all went well.   
  • Devonshires provided good administrative support. Requests for anonymity and screening during whilst in the witness box were granted by the Court.
  • Building works are in progress to enlarge the courts to cope with the new inquests (the first of which were publicised in last week’s sitrep).
I am sure the Regiment will join me in thanking the MoD and 38X for the procedures they have in place to look after our veterans.
A link to the latest BBC report on the inquest is below (the incident with  the child and the pistol involved an officer from 2  Queen’s).  The coroner will make her findings known over the coming year; RHQ will endeavour to keep abreast of the timelines and will be asking HQ Inf to keep us informed.
Veteran Protests.  Understandably, many veterans (and serving soldiers) are incensed with what is seen as a witch hunt and the continued, perceived, prevarication of the Prime Minister concerning moves to put a stop to it.  Many associations are in the process of organising protests.  The British Veteran organisation in particular is organising protests at Reserve Centres (see below).  Reserve Battalion COs are asked to pass on the direction to those in their command not to become involved.  Associations are requested to ask their members, if they become part of the protest, not to act in a way that brings regiments into disrepute or interferes with the day to day workings of battalions/units.


of the

7th (Service) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment.

Keeping a diary on active service was, (and is) strictly forbidden, read this very rare, first hand account.

 The official Battalion War Diary is shown running parallel on the right-hand side,

clearly showing how little was mentioned officially, due to a belated transcript.

Because Reginald reports everyday, this diary is quite large.

I will publish the second half later. - A very gripping story !




of the

7th (Service) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment.



of  the

7th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment at Aveluy Wood - April 1918.

CHARLES "Chas" STADDEN, was a very talented military artist, sculptor and Author.

He passed away in 2009.

One of Chas`  s specialities, was the 35th of Foot. 

New studies have been discovered, in one of his lost sketchbooks,

including his notes. - Our website can publish a first & an exclusive coverage.




Our "In Memoriam" Tribute

to the late



Bryan was stationed with us for four years in Lemgo as a young Cfm./L.Cpl.

(Does anyone remember him ?) - Thanks to Bryan for his Profile.


with a huge turnout at Litten Gardens.

(Belated report from 15th November 2019)

The new Royal Sussex Regimental  Monumental Statue of Maurice Patten is to be seen

with the sculptor & Simon Ulrich (& Big Percy Bright leading the march.) 



Simon Ulrich may be an eager & engaged enthusiast in his Remembrance work for our Regiment,

which is a big plus, so congrats to him on that.  However, it is only fair, that my audience knows,

that he has never served in the Royal Sussex or in any other Regiment,

but still wears a complete mufti with full badging & colours. 

The community & those to whom it may concern, need to know that many of us "real" Royal Sussex Regimental veterans, still DO NOT APPROVE of this practice !

Which Branch ? - Someone needs to get their act together !

A magnificent UNIFORM STUDY OF THE EARLY 35th REGIMENT OF FOOT in 3 parts,

from a private source - Lent to us by the artist.

Many Thanks - We remain forever indebted !

Three remarkable Royal Sussex Regimental uniform studies.

Not seen before - (paintings as prints)

for which I have now acquired permission to publish. - best regards - Les.


Casri "Joe" Ramsaroop Revival !

Joe, a long-serving Royal Sussex soldier, ("A" coy & Mortar Pln.)  - One of the "Older soldiers" -  Originally from Guyana - resurfaced at Lewes Reunion 2019.

Smooth & Smartly dressed as always, Joe, it` s good to have you back,  Brother !

LEMGO REVISITED September 2019

A small RV of ex 3rd Queens Regt./1st Royal Sussex Regt,

as they regrouped in Lemgo, September 2019. 

with  (L to R) Stuart Hoods - Les "the bat" Deacon - Jock Ongley & Lady - Colin Twiggs

Rosie "Skipper" - Jock & Mrs. Ongley again - and the Town centre.

Impressions of the Reunion of the Royal Sussex Regiment & it` s Association.

September 2019 in Lewes, Sussex.

The Story of


"The Home of the Royal Sussex Regiment"

by Pat Saunders - Precis & edit by Les"the bat"Deacon.

I have found this very rare GIF, showing the final development of the Wombat on FV432 (unknown to me/us ?),

before the weapon became obsolete. - We see a mount like a moving lafayette & the cramped Gun Drills of No 1 & 2.

It appears (to an old Wombat gunner, like myself) like cramped & difficult drills.....and the gun appears to be neither stable or accurate. - (It seems that the No 2 is securing the lafayette with a locking bolt)

It is no wonder it was discontinued in the end !

A coincidence - It is the first gun of "A" Coy, which was my old callsign ! 

You can alter the speed of the clip, directly at the bottom  of the film mask, if you need slow motion.

The WO`` s & Sgt` s Mess of the 1st Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment,

at Palace Barracks, Holywood, Northern Ireland, 1961.

I have enlarged, so as to see the faces - How many can you recognise ?

I am honoured to have known them all - only a handful are still with us.

You can start with John "Chalky" White (behind Col. Newton)

to whom I have sent this photograph. - (I have the names list if you are still unsure !)

The Royal Sussex Regiment at the "Not Forgotten" Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Thanks to Tony Baker (..the only Buff present !)...for the heads-up.

5th July - Coverage from the Mid Sussex Times added

Robert "Jonah" Jones - The Last Salute in the Woodland.

      The Plaque    ------  The "Present"----     "Dip" the Colours     ------    Thoughts for those gone (Fred Hill).


Pte. George William SHORT - 1896-1915

"A Tribute & a "Thankyou"

Major Brian  Michael Hudson BEM (Royal Signals) .....(revised)

 The 5th Anniversary Celebration of QRMW - 1st June 2019

Commemoration Service in the Garden of Remembrance to the late Robert "Jonah" Jones,

and to the late David Simpson.

Wedding Ceremony of QRMW Trustee Dawn Barlow and Ex-Queensman Frank Owens.

Music by the "Cinque Ports Corps of Drums"

Thanks to the many donors of photos of many faces on this special occasion,

enabling me to create a small impression of this Regimental Day. - Many Thanks to Debbie & "The Hat",

and to Dave "Bones" Tilley for photo org.

Peter the Lamb (later a sheep !)

The story & pictures of a Royal Sussex Regimental Legend.

The Southdown Battalions & Claude Lowther.

Impressions of the Annual Albuhera Dinner 18th May 2019 at the "Beachcroft Hotel"

Thanks to Dave Tilley for the Org. & Rachel Johnson for the photos.

Impressions of Dave J. Steadman`` s Last Parade in France. - Wed. 15th May 2019

It is really good to see so many brothers on a distant foreign funeral - Well Done, to all who attended !

(See our Obituary Tribute, below)

For me, there is nothing sadder, than an old soldier, who has to " leave" us un-noticed.
Mark Willis, late of the Royal Sussex Regiment, has passed on, unnoticed by the Regiment.

His funeral was on Friday 8th February 2019 at the Downs Crematorium in Brighton.


Kenneth Andrew, late of the Royal Sussex Regiment passed away,  just 8 months after the passing of his wife.
He served in the Royal Sussex Regiment for many years & was both Drums Sergeant & Provo Sergeant - Aged 73, from Worthing.- Survived by a son only. Ken’s funeral took place on Monday 27th February 2017 at 1300hrs at Downs Crematorium, Bear Rd, Brighton BN2 3PL.- His passing left insufficient funds for his funeral and there was an appeal to raise additional funds to ensure that he had a dignified funeral........Les

Our Obitual Tribute to Dave Stedman.


WW2 Filmreel of the Royal Sussex Regiment`` s "Shiny 9th Bn."

in the Arakan, has re-appeared from deep in BBC` s Archives.

The Hastings Branch

The Royal Sussex Regimental Association lunch at the Cooden Beach Hotel.

Sat, May 04 2019


Produced by me & posted from this website to our visitors & followers on Facebookduring this last week, 

(for more information, and for the info of our visitors without Facebook) 

We are proud to say, that at least 2 of these posts went viral,

reaching  5.360 + persons. - (click to enlarge)

The Million Veterans March (for Soldier "F") 19th April 2019.

10.000 Veterans from mixed Regiments & Arms, march on London, Manchester & Plymouth.

Here also, there was a media blanket from the Government.

Maybe they believe we will "Go away" in time ?



Our tribute to a young journalist from Belfast,

murdered by IRA gunfire in Derry on Good Friday 2019

ONE AMONG MANY ! .....Estimated at about 22,000 Riders and Pillion.

An unknown "Orange Lily" veteran, from the 3rd Bn. Queens Regiment

riding in Ex. ROLLING THUNDER in London !

(complete media blackout, except for SKY TV)


Some of the Graphics , (for flags, shirts, banners, etc.) that I have completed

for "March for Veterans" 19th April and "Rolling Thunder" 12th April

The graphic art pic, that represents this website on Facebook for March 2019.

(Posted only, for the possible interest of those who are not connected to FB.)


             The final tribute -"the bat"


Lt./Col. Derek Carter, 4/5th (Cinque Ports) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment (TA)

who passed from us on 18th Feuary 2019.

Royal Sussex Regimental soldier & musician from World War 1,

who`  s instrument becomes a legacy in the Royal Albert Hall,

exactly 100 years later.

DID YOU KNOW ? -  I must`  ve missed this one !

The Royal Sussex Regimental Memorial Garden

- in the grounds of Herstmonceux Castle. 

(In Memory of Roy Delves) - 2019


The Royal Sussex Regimental Association. - Eastbourne & District Branch - 15th Febuary 2019

The Laying-Up of the old Standard & the Blessing/Dedication of the New one. - St.  Mary`` s Parish Church, Old Town.

A big thanks to Eddie Cobb for the photo report.

Herewith the content of the REGIMENTAL NEWSLETTER for the WINTER of 2019.

Thanks to Bones for the heads-up !

Laying up of the old Eastbourne Association``  s Standard.

St. Mary` s Church, Eastbourne - 15th Febuary 2019

Incredible German Photos of the Regiment (Never seen before!)

of the ill-fated, but extremely brave, 7th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment

during their capture near Amiens on 20th May 1940

We have a new page on your website !

Section 31 - Weapons, Etcetera.

Weapon Porno, `a La´  "the bat".......Here are two pics to wet your appetite.

Why not go and have a "drool " !

The 11th (Southdown) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment -  WW1 is ended, but they are still fighting in Siberia, 1919

Impressions from "Armistice 100"

from the War Memorial Remembrance Parade & Service in Eastbourne, Sussex - November 2018.

Thanks to Barry Tippett for carrying our colour - To Phil Turner for laying our wreath - to John Butler for martialling the Parade & to all other "Orange Lillies" who took part. - Thanks to the Eastbourne Argus & Herald for borrowing the pics.

UPDATE - The German Generals car, siezed by the Royal Sussex Regiment in Tunisia in 1943, 

now nearly fully restored to it` s original state on capture - (only Canvas Canopy to restore)

New Pics courtesy of Sussex Express.

The Anton/Ascher Story

"Issued" with the Royal Sussex Regiment as bogus unit (complete with cap-badge & contact Officer !) in an attempt, if captured, to foil the death sentence for Commandos. (All members of X Troop - 10 Comd. had bogus names & Regiments.) - A famous "German" British commando.

This proud German/Jewish veteran has now commited suicide.

STOP PRESS - Visit of the Royal Sussex Regimental Association in Priez, Sept 2018

& the memorial to the fallen. (for the 2nd Year)

(Thanks to Alfie drew for the Pics)

Research & Expos`e - copyright Leslie Deacon