Section 31


Weapons that are old, new, current & future - have a browse ! 

Some we know very well, some we know of, and some we don´  t know at all !  Click to enlarge.

Rifles, Self-Loading 7.62mm L1A1  & Bayonet.

"SLR" or "The Elephant Gun" 

Guns, Sub Machine, 9mm L2A3 & L34A1 & Bayonet.


Sight Unit Infantry Trilux (SUIT). L2A2.

Aiming Optic for SLR L1A1

Guns, Machine, General Purpose, 7.62mm L7A2.


with Mounting, Tripod, 7.62mm, MG, L5A1 

 Guns, Machine, Bren, .303in, Mk2 to 6.

"The Bren Gun"


Guns, Machine, Light, 7.62mm L4A4 to L4A6.

" The Bren LMG"

Rifles, Infantry, Anti-Tank, 84mm Recoilless Mks 4 - 8.

"Carl Gustav" 

Still in service today in many Armies, after 69 years ! (Mk 1 issued in Sweden in 1948)

Weaponsight, Individual, Image intentsified (IWS) L1A1.

"The Starlight Scope" or "Green Eye"

Launcher, Rocket, RCL, 3.5 inch M20 “Bazooka”

A mixed photographic study,

of some of the weapons & ordnance that we used

during our Army service in the 50` s/ 60` s & 70` s.

The Riot Guns - 1960`` s/70`` s & 80` s - firing CS Gas & Rubber Bullets for crowd control.