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    the bat (Saturday, 20 April 2019 03:17)

    In memory of LIRA McKEE
    Our tribute to a talented young journalist from Belfast,
    murdered by IRA gunfire in Derry on Good Friday 2019.
    Remembered on Page 4, "The Roussillon Herald"

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    the bat (Sunday, 14 April 2019 12:28)

    Thanks a lot, Mike.
    Check out Apples, to see if he is OK.
    (last input was 15th March)
    best regards

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    Mike Sinden (Saturday, 13 April 2019 13:06)

    Keep up the good work Les, you are brilliant in the messages that you put out for all of us.
    Well done indeed.

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    mtb (Saturday, 13 April 2019 10:56)

    well done that man for riding without a helmet and wearing his beret and badge.I would of liked to see the police trying to pull him and tell him to put his helmet on with thousounds of other bikers in the procession.

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    the bat (Saturday, 13 April 2019 04:12)

    On the HOMEPAGE I have entered the new logo of UKWA, the "United Kingdom Web Archive", where the contents of this site are archived.
    (Used to be called the British Library Web Archive)
    Keep movin the 35th !
    Best Regards
    Yours Aye

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    the bat (Friday, 12 April 2019 23:45)

    For your interest !...........Impressions of Ex. Rolling Thunder for Soldier "F" with pics, now posted in Section 4, "The Roussillon Herald" News-Paper.
    The BBC remained silent and didnt report the incident at all, as 22,000 Biker Veterans and their pillion riders blocked Parliament Square.....Please spread this info, if possible
    best regards
    Yours Aye

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    the bat (Friday, 12 April 2019 11:41)

    Hello !
    What is today ? - The day the UK should have left Europe ?................Yes, but also......Army veterans perform today, the big ride-in to Parliament Square called "Rolling Thunder for Soldier F" to protesting against the NI "The Witch-Hunt".
    I have done the Graphics for the flags (You can see them on the "Roussillon Herald", Page 4)
    Up to 20,000 persons are expected. (They deliberately advertised only 4000 riders!)
    Batten down the hatches, Westminster !! - It`s gonna be a loud day !
    best regards

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    the bat (Sunday, 07 April 2019 12:39)

    It` s a bit quiet , Lads!
    I am working for the mo, on following projects.
    Libyan unrest"Haftar` s attack on Tripoli"
    Graphics for "Rolling Thunder for Soldier F" on 12th April.
    Graphics for The Good Friday March on Westminster on 19th April.
    You can see an example of their graphics on "What` s New", if not seen already.
    (12,000 veterans are expected !)
    A big thanks to Mario, for keeping me informed by way of the Queen`s Newsletter. (Neither the Queen`s Regiment, nor the Royal Sussex Regiment inform this website of anthing at all - but brothers who follow this site send me things & I surf, steal, use my spies & read the newspapers, so little info is lost ! !)
    Yours ` Aye
    best regards

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    the bat (Saturday, 06 April 2019 04:50)

    Our pilot & promotion Page for this Website on Facebook, (leads visitors to this location ) has just reached 700 followers.

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    the bat (Thursday, 04 April 2019 01:59)

    Hello, people !
    I am now working on a film with Robert Kitson. - The Life Story of Robert "Jonah" Jones........A quick change of media in between !! - So, watch this space !
    best regards

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    the bat (Tuesday, 02 April 2019 03:51)

    My external hard drives for the archives have broken down. (They were quite ancient, from 2005 whilst working with Jonah !)
    We can stay in touch on here OK, but I can`t get at my pics or graphics, to update for a while.
    So I will have to take a compulsary break.
    It will be repaired or replaced soonest...... only a couple of days to transfer data.
    Will keep you informed.
    best regards

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    the bat (Friday, 29 March 2019 12:27)

    The post below refers to our now dormant Queens Website :
    (It even says that !) - and has nothing to do with Belize...............Well,.... I thought that was clear enough......
    but.......(some were not even aware, that we have two sites !)


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    the bat (Monday, 25 March 2019 03:12)

    Hi again, to all visitors !
    Some may have missed this, the first time round, as the old site is still being utilised for messaging !
    WEBMASTER`S NOTE - PLEASE READ. - About posting on :
    Please transfer your browsing & messaging habits, here to the "Orange Lily". The posted Items or photos left on the old website, have all been transferred here to the Orange Lily. .....The old site is not dead, but it is not regularly visited or updated, as is the Orange Lily. order for you to stay current & up-to-date, the "The Orange Lily" is recommended instead of the old site.....I have gathered all the strength of our resources here & our communication is also consolidated in one place............... for me, all 3rd Queensmen were Orange Lilies as well......I make no differences there, although others may tend to........Thanks.
    Best Regards
    Yours Àye

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    the bat (Friday, 22 March 2019 02:53)

    Hi !
    There are 58 new entries posted for March 2019 for your pleasure & interest.
    If in doubt, always look on the "What` s New" List. It shows what has been added in posting order.
    I am closing early this month, because of the amount of work yet to be done for March.
    The closer you keep contact, be it on this page or Social Media, Email, Skype, Messenger, etc, the better is our info flow and the better we are all informed.
    It` s a pleasure to serve......Thanks for your support
    Yours ` Aye

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    the bat (Thursday, 21 March 2019 23:14)

    I have posted our 2 support banners for "Soldier F" & the March on Parliament on 19th April 2019.
    Please circulate the info if possible. - (Originally on FB) We must stop the Witch-Hunt ourselves now.
    Now on: (Section 4, "The Roussillon Herald" News)
    Thankyou for your support.
    best wishes to all.
    Yours ` Aye

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    the bat (Thursday, 21 March 2019 11:43)

    Hi all !
    Within the month of March we have an average of 38 different visitors per day, doing 92 page views.
    Facit = We are being visited more than usual, at this time. The visitors per day have almost doubled.
    Thanks for your visits.
    best regards

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    mtb (Wednesday, 20 March 2019 09:44)

    well done les ,thanks for all your hard work.

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    the bat (Wednesday, 20 March 2019 01:05)

    Hi everybody !......some stats from the last few days.
    "The Orange Lily" website & its FB "Mirror" Page have yesterday & today, gone viral for the 2nd time.
    We have, from 12th to 18th March : 180,660 persons reached in interaction.
    6, 240 "Likes"
    3 persons don`` t like us ! (I can imagine who...ha ha)
    Roughly half have also visited this website after leaving FB.
    The trigger for this surge is twofold - The factors are, our contribution to the general "In Memoriam" to Jonah & secondly our posts condemning the Northern Ireland Witchhunt.
    I am working on many new posts for this month.....and will keep you informed.
    Best Regards
    Yours ` Aye

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    chris Nice (Tuesday, 19 March 2019 18:37)

    Abslotuely no worries Les,

    more important things than my machiolations.

    My thoughts go out to those whom are ever affected by the loss of a friend / comrade.

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    the bat (Saturday, 16 March 2019 16:08)

    A Commemoration service and tree planting at the woodland in memory of Robert "Jonah" Jones (Ex 3 Queen's/Royal Sussex Regiment) will take place on the 1st June 2019. The 5th Anniversary of the Garden will also be taking place at the same venue. The custodians of the garden see this as a great honour that they have been asked and so attend if you can, to see Jonah off, with a good turnout.
    This will probably be his only commemmoration on British soil, so let`` s make it a good one.
    Address: The QRMW
    Pasture Wood Road
    Holmbury St Mary
    RG5 6LG

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    Mike Sinden (Saturday, 16 March 2019 14:42)

    I agree with Bill Dixon in his message re; Jonah. A quite lovely man and RIP mate, it was a great honour to know you, and all the folk you made happy with your kind words, plus your quite incredible Web Site.!!

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    Bill Dixon (Friday, 15 March 2019 14:31)

    It is with great sadness that we here of the death of Jonah.
    He was a good man that I consider a friend.
    In our Battalion, he was a laugh a minute, always joking about, a very good soldier, who would have gone far.
    But he decided to settle down in Belize with his darling Netty, he had a family and a business there.
    But they really great thing about Bob was that he kept us all in touch, with his website, for over many years, he and his sidekick Les, build up the most massive family history of our Regiment, the best ever seen.
    My thoughts and condolences go out to Natty and his family at this sad time.
    RIP Bob, you will never be forgotten �

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    Les Newman (Friday, 15 March 2019 13:06)

    I only knew Bob through me serving in the Royal Sussex and being a member of this web-site,a few years ago I remember him living in Belize saying they could not buy English mustard,so,like me he said meat without a bit of mustard was not the same,so I sent him a tube of Colmans mustard,and I know he was really pleased about this,and appreciated it very much, as said I did'nt know him personally but he seemed to be liked by many people,and they could not be all wrong,so I feel quite pleased that I done this likeable man a favour. RIP Bob.

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    the bat (Friday, 15 March 2019 09:03)

    This website sends out a last tribute to "Jonah"Jones.
    Now posted on Section 4, "The Roussillon Herald" News.

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    Apples (Friday, 15 March 2019 08:03)

    I only new Bob because of the web site that he and Les produced together and we can only hope that he has now gone to a better place after his long illness, you will not be forgotten old friend you have done us all proud, our condolences go out to your family, rest in peace never forgotten, R.I.P,
    Apples and Hazel

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    the bat (Friday, 15 March 2019 00:24)

    It is with extreme sadness that I should report the following.
    Robert "Jonah" Jones of Belize, webmaster of the 3rd Queens website, passed away this evening at 2100 gmt in Belize as a result of his critical illness....his relatives have contacted me........I am devasted tonight.....I have no words.............Rest now Jonah, in Eternal Peace.

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    the bat (Wednesday, 13 March 2019 08:14)

    It is with great saddness that we say farewell to another of our number. - Lt./Col. Derek Carter, formerly of the 4th/5th (Cinque Ports) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment (TA). Our "In Memoriam" to his memory is now posted on the website, in Section 4, "The Roussillon Herald" Newspaper.
    His Funeral is tomorrow (14th March)
    May He Rest In Eternal Peace .........L

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    the bat (Sunday, 10 March 2019 19:46)

    Hi to all......
    2 points for today.. (one of them is to assist your surfing experience)
    There are now 40 new entries posted during the month of March 2019, for your interest & pleasure.
    For an easier orientation on the "What` s New" page, there are now two colours of type.
    WHAT IT IS remains in black type....WHERE IT IS is now in blue type.
    I hope, that this is of assistance to those who sometimes "Flounder".
    My very sincere regards to you all
    Yours ` Aye

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    Mike Sinden (Wednesday, 06 March 2019 14:04)

    Les with your workload, do you EVER take a well deserved holiday mate.??

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    the bat (Monday, 04 March 2019 02:15)

    Greetings to all visitors !
    I have already posted 30 new entries onto our website for the month of March 2019.
    There are also a number of interesting new articles posted in the "The Roussillon Herald" Newspaper.
    I have been quite busy with the March stuff, so do go & have a shufti.
    Yours ` Aye

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    the bat (Friday, 01 March 2019 18:25)

    I am under full steam pressure of work onsite at the mo, Chris.
    I will have to get back to you at a later date.
    best regards

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    the bat (Friday, 01 March 2019 18:21)

    There are already 10 interesting items posted for March.
    Find the new stuff in Section 4,"What` s New".
    Have a good scroll.
    Yours ` Aye

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    the bat (Friday, 01 March 2019 09:23)

    Hello Guys !
    There is a full Photo report on the laying-up of the Standard in St. Mary` s by Barry Tippett - (Eastbourne & District Branch) Thanks to Eddie Cobb for the report with 14 pics.
    (Section 4 - "The Roussillon Herald" Newspaper)
    best regards

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    chris N (Thursday, 28 February 2019 14:27)

    Hi all ... i have a question..well 2 actually.

    My great Grandad who was mortally wounded at paschendale is listed as working as a `stretcher bearer` whilst the 11th battalion supported the 13th battalion. He is described as being inj `early Nov`.

    1. However when i look at the war diaries it doesnt make sense..... i would have assumed that for a battalion to be supporting another the engagement must have been relatively significant, yet there are no listed engagements of that sort in either diary.....why would that be ?

    2. He died on the 6th Nov after being evac to blighty.... how long would it have taken to evac a seriously inj soldier from paschendale to Dudley in the Midlands ?

    If he was inj early Nov there is a maximum of only 5 days before he died in Blighty.

    Any thoughts on these anomalies !!!! ( i am trying to establish where he was when he was mortally wounded and what the engagement was ).

    Any brilliant hypothesis appreciatted.

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    the bat (Tuesday, 26 February 2019 15:25)

    Hello !
    There is quite a lot happening onsite at the moment.
    Please check back to Section 3 "What`` s New", for your orientation.
    ( only the most important topics are mentioned on this board)
    So as, not to miss anything.
    Thanks for looking ! - Makes it all worth while.
    best regards

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    the bat (Monday, 25 February 2019 22:48)

    Hi again !
    The Royal Sussex Regimental Association Newsletter is now posted for your reading pleasure.
    (Section 4, "The Roussillon Herald" newspaper, last entry)
    Thanks to Bones for the Info-flow.
    Yours ` Aye

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    chris nice (Monday, 25 February 2019 01:56)

    just sent you a blank...thank you in advance for whatever you have discovered. Les

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    the bat (Sunday, 24 February 2019 16:40)

    Hallo Ray Nice,
    Research finished.
    Send blank Email for results -

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    chris nice (Saturday, 23 February 2019 17:24)

    excellent..thanks les.

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    the bat (Friday, 22 February 2019 09:39)

    James Amos Smith is onsite, with photo (Smith 28)

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    the bat (Friday, 22 February 2019 09:26)

    The "Chimney Battle" became quite well known. - It was in fact the Battle of Cuinchy.
    One of the most familiar names on this part of the battlefield to many will be the Brickstacks, infamous of repute....Robert Graves, amoung others wrote. "These were several large stacks of bricks which had been manufactured by a brickworks located just to the south east of Cuinchy village." - This site is now inaccessible, as it is on private land. It is located near an abandoned building which was an electricty generating station, found on the N41 a little east of the turn off to Cuinchy itself. The bricktacks were to the left of the road, just before the building as you travel east. The scene of bitter fighting and week long stand-offs. This again, was part of the Battle for the Loos Salient - September 25th 1915.
    There were 60,000 British casualties in 24 hrs., many from both British & German Chlorine Gas.
    As a starter, I have found the following:
    G/16720 L/Sgt. Robert Victor Nice. Royal Sussex Regiment - Survivor.
    #3826 Pte. Albert T. Nice Royal Sussex Regiment - (later RE #358306) - Survivor.
    #202429 Pte. Charles E. Nice Royal Sussex Regiment - (later Labour Corps #655061)
    #336 Pte. Thomas W. S. Nice Royal Sussex Regiment - (later Labour Corps #230342)
    G/8074 Pte. Herbert M. A. Nice Royal Sussex Regiment - (later MGC #15589) - Survivor.
    I have photo of Albert.
    Yours ` Aye

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    chris nice (Thursday, 21 February 2019 00:52)

    Thanks Les, all assistance is appreciated. However just to clarify ..i was throwing my great grandfather in there but he was....yes you guessed it a `Smith`. James Amos and he is on the memorial at Chichester Cathedral. He was contrary to some records wounded at Paschendale i think acting as part of a stretcher team in the 2nd wave as the 11th Battalion supported i think it was the 13th Battalion ,evacuated to a military hospital in Dudley and died there from his wounds...i have a photo of him which i will hunt out.

    I have never been able to establish the exact battles that my Great Grandfather or Great Uncle Thomas Nice were injured during... i dont even know if that info would still be available, it has been mentioned that a battle of the `chimneys`may be where my great uncle was wounded (bullet wounds to hand and elbow i think) . I think there was also another Uncle on the `Nice` side in the RSR during WWI but i need to give my Dad a good grilling. If my Dad has any mates left from his national service days who are on here that would be amazing...... i know he was a good boxer, still has his gloves.... told me recently how he used to transfer armoured vehicles from one depot to the other..stopping off at his mums and parking the bren gun carrier outside her house whilst he got a sandwich.

    p.s if anyone ever hears of my Great Uncles medals appearing for sale i would really like to bring them `home` seems the right thing to do.


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    the bat (Tuesday, 19 February 2019 07:28)

    Roger that, Chris.....working on the Nice Family now

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    Chris Nice (Monday, 18 February 2019 01:20)

    I am just starting to do some research on the Royal Sussex Regiment and found your site...ace. !! My great grandfather served in the RSR during WWI but died from head wounds at 2nd battle of Passchendale and my great uncle was also wounded in WWI whilst in the RSR as ..both were 11th Battalion (1st Southdowns).

    My Dad did his national service in the 50`s but doesnt tell me much about it... other than that he was for a while driver for General Lashemere Whistler (Bolo) who he speaks of with a lot of affection. My Dad is Ray Nice from Eastbourne..i dont suppose there is anyone who served with him ??

    I have also just purchased a group of medals of Robert Victor Nice from Sussex who served in the 11th Battalion during WWI and then went on to serve in WW2 as a police Inspector in Eastbourne...any info would be appreciatted.

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    the bat (Sunday, 17 February 2019 17:54)

    STOP PRESS ! - Photo of Barry Tippett "Laying up" the Eastbourne Association Standard. (Page 4, "The Roussillon Herald" Newspaper. - Top Article)
    A big Thanks to Barry for a real current report.
    best regards

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    the bat (Sunday, 17 February 2019 10:43)

    Hi, all....Now posted !
    Incredible German Photos of the Regiment (Never seen before!) of the ill-fated, but extremely brave, 7th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment, during their capture near Amiens by Rommel` s ` 7th Armoured Div. - "The Ghost Division". - 20th May 1940. - Only 70 men got off at Dunkirk from the original 581 men.
    (Section 4, "The Roussillon Herald", News)
    best regards

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    Garyd (Friday, 15 February 2019 16:41)

    For those not on the other site. I’ve just posted a message relating to visiting Europe post brexit.
    If your going to Europe after brexit and in case there is a no deal. Your passport MUST have 6 months on it. The date being used is the issue date. Mine was issued 09 and runs out feb 20 BUT it needs renewing.
    Worth going into the government passport site and checking

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    the bat (Tuesday, 12 February 2019 05:31)

    Hi All !
    There are already 20 fresh posts for Febuary 2019.
    Why not go and have a gander at what I have "dug up".
    (Including the new Section 31 , "Weapons, Etcetera")
    best regards

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    Mike Sinden (Saturday, 09 February 2019 13:02)

    Could anyone please who attended Mick Wilson's funeral on Wednesday the 6th, kindly give us any details how his final day went. Many Thanks.

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    Mike Sinden (Saturday, 02 February 2019 17:10)

    Les I really mate do not know, or understand, the huge amount of info that you place on this site. Christ almighty I would be brain dead, with even trying to put out just a tiny amount of info that you achieve.!!
    No comments please from those who wish me to be brain dead. lol.