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        A pictorial NOMINAL ROLL                    of some of the men of the                   The Royal Sussex Regiment,                 the 35th Regiment of Foot,

                 from 1701 to 1966,                      and  their successor Regiment,       The 3rd Bn. The Queens Regiment.

                         till 1992.     

An unknown Royal Sussex soldier.


A child - so wasted and so white,
He told a lie to get his way,
To march, a man with men, and fight
While other boys are still at play.
A gallant lie your heart will say.

from "Pluck" by Eva Dobell.



“ Eventually, All things decline

Everything falters, dies and ends

Towers cave in, walls collapse

Roses wither, horses stumble

Cloth grows old, men expire

Iron rusts and timber rots away

Nothing made by hand will survive.

At last, I understand the truth

That all must die, both clerk and lay

And the fame of men now dead

Will quickly be forgotten

Unless the clerk takes up his pen

And brings their deeds to life again…”


  (Wace, ‘Roman de Rou’, c.1170)



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(compiled by Les "the bat" Deacon - Royal Sussex Regt. 1961-73) - Copyrights Leslie Deacon


" The Young and Old

The Dead and Living

The Loud and Quiet

The Brave and Frightened

The Father and Son

The Short Service and Long

The Honest and Deceitful

The Loyal and Discredited

The Disgraced and Awarded

The Remembered and Forgotten

The Smart and Scruffy

The Genius and Fool

The Sensible and Reckless

      The Gentle and Brutal

The Humble and Conceited 

Men of a Regiment

My brothers in Arms

 Many of you are here

Here is my Tribute,

I salute you all !


(the bat-Dec 2012) 


Author & Webmaster

                     Ex 23868882 Sgt. Leslie A. Deacon - 1st Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment 1961-1973


This website is archived & thereby preserved, within the British Library Archive in the : 

UK Web Archive

Also in the USA National Archive at the :


     Queen`s/Royal Sussex  50th Year in Chi                                     Battlefield visit

Lemgo re-visited 2016

    What happened to Arnim`s Staff-Car ? ................and a Public Letter............A Poem - "Chambre"

IN REGIMENTAL REVIEW ! - David Munnings & the WICKS Family

John Norton "In Memoriam"      Mario Buttigieg at Remembrance         "Lowther`s Own"

               Peter the Lamb  1914-1928                  The fate of the SA80-A2          The Plume trouble!

"In Memoriam" to Ken Andrews, Jeremy Fleming, John Snow, Derek Adkins & John Buckeridge

Royal Sussex Regimental Association Newsletter Spring 2017

" Getting back to people " (Recommunication) - Graham Skipper & Rosie Skipper

 Alasdair Goulden (QRA) snubs Blue Cooper. (Press Report)


Comments: 291
  • #291

    Twiggy (Sunday, 23 April 2017 13:14)

    Les I just come across a name and number you might be interested in, as follows,
    23183887 Sgt Lancaster R 1 Royal sussex, HMT, Asturias, Southampton................ can you trace him, I,m trying to get a photo for you, !

  • #290

    Apples (Sunday, 23 April 2017 11:00)

    Hi Les
    I have read the story "Life & Death on Snakeshead Ridge" A most compelling story a very brave Man
    thank's Les

  • #289

    the bat (Sunday, 23 April 2017 06:02)

    To all,
    A second plug for this story, as many have already read it, and found it a legendary tale...... don`t miss it !
    "The late John Buckeridge`s own gripping account, "Life & Death on Snakeshead Ridge"
    A story from the Battle of Casino 16th/17th Feb. 1944.
    on page 11 "Swing the Lights."
    best regards

  • #288

    Mario (Sunday, 23 April 2017 01:07)

    Major Hudson seems to be a great guy. I enquired with him as how I shall pay for my 2017 reunion dinner and his answer was "You are booked, pay on the night" thus saving me heaps through bank cheques from Oz.
    Best regards to all.

  • #287

    the bat (Saturday, 22 April 2017 21:28)

    Hello again,
    Have made contact with Jack Waters in British, Columbia, Canada.
    He served in the Regiment from 1949 to 1955.
    He has sent photos & Docs. (watch for "What`s New")
    Thanks, Jack !
    best regards

  • #286

    RossP (Saturday, 22 April 2017 14:07)

    Not only is Major Hudson a pleasant guy, he also is a really decent chap.
    Last year, I was a little late buying the Royal Sussex Assn dinner tickets, he wrote to me, reminding me of the date the dinner was being held, and asking if I wanted tickets. That's the mark of a good officer doing a brilliant job for our Regiment, I now know that he is a Royal Signals soldier. However, I will always look at him as a Royal Sussex man.

    In my last message delete 'Batallion' insert 'Battalion' (a senior citizen moment)



  • #285

    APPLES (Saturday, 22 April 2017 08:07)

    Thank you Les, I stand corrected

  • #284

    Square and Stationary Earth Map (Saturday, 22 April 2017 07:09)

    Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue, so thanks for posting.

  • #283

    the bat (Saturday, 22 April 2017 03:07)

    Thanks for your input posts !.........A slight correction there, Derek (only because we are public)
    The Royal Sigs`man (Maj. Hudson) does the Royal Sussex Regimental Association.
    The Queen`s Regimental Association secretary, Major Alasdair Goulden, was a Queensman.
    The only difference being, Brian Hudson is a pleasant guy.

  • #282

    APPLES (Friday, 21 April 2017 07:45)

    I quiet agree with you Ross Blue cooper does a great job for the regiment and those that need help he has run the Vipers for a long time now with no help from the QRA and the secretary is never any help to him A Royal Signal's Man I believe, Let us hope that Blue continues as he has been doing, and takes no notice of the Rupert's, Stick with it Blue,

  • #281

    Colin Twiggs (Wednesday, 19 April 2017 19:54)

    I would,nt follow that RUPERT to the Naffi. !

  • #280

    RossP (Wednesday, 19 April 2017 12:59)

    I totally agree with you Les. The QRA is probably run by 'Barrack Rats' or clueless Ruperts, that is usually the problem in military circles. Blue, go ahead and hold your own remembrance parade, soldiers from the the 3rd Batallion (Royal Sussex) support you.
    Regards to all

  • #279

    the bat (Wednesday, 19 April 2017 08:22)

    Now on "Current News" (above this Message-Board), Press Article on "Blue" Cooper & the QRA.
    Please, read carefully. If the Queen`s Regimental Secretary continues in this mode, he will soon have no Queensmen left to "take-over".
    best regards

  • #278

    the bat (Wednesday, 19 April 2017 07:52)

    Hi brothers !
    Now that most of us are full with Easter Eggs & the Lamb joint, we can move on.
    There are now 21 new entries of artefacts & persons posted for April 2017.
    I am sure you will enjoy your browse of the fresh items.
    Keep movin` the 35th !
    best regards

  • #277

    Twiggy (Sunday, 16 April 2017 11:49)

    Firstly my Easter greetings to all who can read this,...... Secondly,Thanks Les, for the posting of Col J Buckeridge,s Snakeshead ridge, and a very interesting read indeed, We as young people that never saw any action during WW11 should read it. I can now partly understand why my Father never spoke about his years in the Royal Artillery, (Anti tanks), !

  • #276

    APPLES (Friday, 14 April 2017 08:33)

    Happy Easter to you all, Thank you Les for your fine work keep it up Mate
    Apples and Hazel

  • #275

    Mario (Friday, 14 April 2017 01:29)

    Thanks Les for the Easter greetings and same to you, your family and to the rest of the Orange Lily's

  • #274

    the bat (Friday, 14 April 2017 00:06)

    Thanks, Joe !........Your Easter Greetings Card is now posted (just beneath the menu block)
    I wish a happy, healthy & peaceful Easter to all.
    best regards

  • #273

    Joe A (Thursday, 13 April 2017 22:20)

    Thanks for the Easter greeting Les same to you & your family. Love J&T.

  • #272

    the bat (Monday, 10 April 2017 01:38)

    It is with great sorrow, that we announce the passing of yet another respected Royal Sussex soldier & Brother in Arms. Col. John Buckeridge passed away on Friday 7th April 2017. He served in the Regiment for 36 years & was a WW2 veteran. He remained throughout his life, ardent & loyal to the Regiment.
    Our "In Memoriam" to Col. John Buckeridge is now posted on Current News & on page 12-In Memoriam.
    I have also posted John`s own gripping account, "Life & Death on Snakeshead Ridge" on page 11 Swing the Lights.
    best regards

  • #271

    the bat (Sunday, 09 April 2017 09:41)

    Hi guys !
    Thanks to Bill Kempton in Canada for 3 great, new Regimental cartoons.
    The first one looks suspiciously like the late, Bruiser Richardson !
    The second is sly dig at Major Johnson`s love of bull & polish !
    The third one shows the average mindset for 432 drivers, once out of Camp !
    Now posted on Page 8 - (The Regiment in Art - Regimental Cartoons)
    Have fun looking at those...they are very funny !
    Thanks again, Bill
    best regards

  • #270

    the bat (Saturday, 08 April 2017 00:01)

    Thanks Stuart, old friend ....for the chat.
    I spoke to Jock Ongley as well.
    We will do something in Lemgo around 1st Sept.
    Rosie would like to join us.
    John "Thomo" Thompson is at the moment in Lemgo for a four day break in his camper.
    Full biography of the late David Beveridge, now on page "In Memoriam"
    All for now....keep moving forward
    best regards

  • #269

    stu hoods (Friday, 07 April 2017 20:41)

    just got all the new news and had a talke with the boss (the bat)

  • #268

    the bat (Wednesday, 05 April 2017 16:10)

    Hello to all,
    Recieved from Ted Young (Thanks Youngie !)
    " Heard today sadly, another Royal Sussex Soldier has left the Parade Ground, Douglas Burton 80+ Years, Served Minden, BAOR 29, c1953/54, RIP Dougie."
    I have sadly, no further info, so another has slipped through the net......RIP

  • #267

    ray hawkes (Saturday, 01 April 2017 11:46)

    Dear les
    I hope all is well with you.
    I have had to change my skype details theyare.
    user name is
    KENWOOD2 upper case

  • #266

    the bat (Friday, 31 March 2017 21:33)

    The Ides of March are long gone. During March, 40 new entries of artefacts & persons have been added to this website. As we now enter April, please go and have a browse at the new kit.
    A visit to the "What`s New" page, is well worth it, so as to find out "..what`s on the slab".
    Thanks for your regards.....Les "the bat" Deacon.

  • #265

    APPLES (Wednesday, 29 March 2017 14:30)


  • #264

    the bat (Tuesday, 28 March 2017 19:36)

    " REGIMENTAL MUSEUM UPDATE - (with a big thanks to Barry for keeping us informed)
    Since the Redoubt Fortress closed for the year in mid-November 2016, the pace of boxing up has increased fourfold. All the casemates are now clear and the last items are being accounted for on the modes database. During the last week all the firearms in the armoury have been stripped, cleaned and had preservation applied before bagging and tagging. This just leaves the remaining firearms in casemate 12 to be bagged, the swords preserved and packed and the books in the library to be boxed up and we will be ready to move.
    We have been very fortunate in being offered storage space by the Sussex ACF at their headquarters in Brighton whilst we secure a permanent home. An Expanda store secure unit has been purchased and erected within the facility and the racking has all been erected by a very dedicated team. The final work on laying out the racking and moving in the last of the medal and display cabinets will take place place on Wed 29th March.
    It has now been confirmed by the CE of Sussex ACF that we now have permission to store our firearms in their armoury. The transfer of these will hopefully take place sometime in April 2017, once all admin has been completed and liaison with Sussex Police.
    The McNab collection is going on loan shortly (6 April 2017) to Stirling Castle which is the home of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Museum. Although the medal cabinets are going into storage with us, the medals in frames and the silver mounted infantryman are going on long term loan to the PWRR museum in Dover to augment their collection. Petworth council have also asked if we could return the memorial board to the fallen of the 4th Battalion for display in a local church and we have agreed to loan it to them on a long term basis (this is to be collected on Wed 5 April 17). Some of the Trustees also visited the workshop of the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society on Saturday the 25th March to see progress on the restoration of Von Arnim’s staff car and an update on this visit will be in the next Rousso.
    A complete list of all items out on loan are in the new Outward Loan file.
    So in summary, with the silver drums having been safely returned to Dover, the Association can be assured that the collection is safe and accounted for and will be going into temporary storage in the near future until we secure a new home. .........Barry Tippett "
    Les for BT

  • #263

    ray hawkes (Tuesday, 21 March 2017 09:54)

    Please could you let me know if got my emalt
    message about skype if you call me on skype i will talk to you
    regards RAY

  • #262

    the bat (Monday, 20 March 2017 22:19)

    Its Graham SKIPPER, of course, & not John !
    thanks Twiggy

  • #261

    the bat (Monday, 20 March 2017 04:54)

    I spoke at length with Rosie on Skype, who was married to John Skipper.
    Rosie (Roswitha) from Lemgo, now lives in Brasil & has raised 4 children.
    She sends her fond regards to all who knew her in Lemgo, especially the "Ponderosa Gang" !
    We will attempt to sync our Lemgo reunion this year, with her visit there.
    The last time we saw her, was in the mobile homes in Ballykinlar.
    best regards

  • #260

    barry tippett (Saturday, 18 March 2017 23:46)

    l would like some volunteers (able bodied) to help me lift some medal cabinets out of the redout in Eastbourne. John Butler and Mike Constantine will be there, but we still need about another 4men.
    I will be there at 9 am on the 29th March. Thanks Les for posting this for me.

  • #259

    the bat (Tuesday, 14 March 2017 20:03)

    There are now 20 new items posted here for this half of the month of March 2017.
    I sincerely hope you will have a browse soon.
    Please check on Page "What`s new" for details.
    Best Regards

  • #258

    ray hawkes (Friday, 10 March 2017 12:39)

    dear Les
    i hape all is well with you i have had tochange my skype details they are
    user name is
    KENWOOD2 upper case.

  • #257

    the bat (Sunday, 05 March 2017 07:11)

    Yes, Chris......same person. He was an OC Coy in 4/5th (Cinque Ports) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment for many years, before moving to the Queen`s. In Aden on that visit, he was probably already CO of the 3rd Bn.......Roderick Arnold transferred soon after.......I had a good chat with him at Lewes before he passed.
    best regards

  • #256

    Chris Message (Saturday, 04 March 2017 21:58)

    I have just noticed Maj Harrington on the nominal Roll, if my memory is correct he was the Training Major for the 3rd Bn Queens Surreys. If it is the same person I am thinking about, he visited us in Aden and spoke to me while I was part of a cordon around the bone factory (remember the awful smell).

  • #255

    the bat (Saturday, 04 March 2017 07:18)

    The Royal Sussex Regimental Association Newsletter for Spring 2017.
    Now posted on "Current News" (above this board)
    Thanks to Barry Tippett for keeping us informed.
    best regards

  • #254

    the bat (Friday, 03 March 2017 10:05)

    In Perpetual Memory
    Major (QM) Derek William Adkins has now, also passed from us.
    He died early on 2nd March 2017, after a long illness.
    Derek had joined the army in early 1945 and served with Queen`s Surrey`s until the early 1960s. He was then attached to the Middlesex Regiment TA as PSI until 1967.
    He then joined the 3rd Bn Queen`s Regiment (Royal Sussex) in Lemgo.
    He served with us in Lemgo, Ballykinlar, Tidworth, Cyprus & Gibraltar as our QM.
    Finally moving to the SAS in 1976. He was a fine capable Officer, gentleman & soldier`s friend, respected & liked by all ranks.......We will not forget.............Rest in Eternal Peace
    Now posted on Page 12 "In Memoriam "
    best regards

  • #253

    Apples (Saturday, 25 February 2017 12:16)

    Thank you, Les for your excellent tributes to our fallen comrades, great work mate
    Stay strong and upright my friend
    Apples and Hazel

  • #252

    the bat (Friday, 24 February 2017 14:12)

    Once more,....sad tidings,
    Our Brother in Arms, John Snow, passed away in Malta, yesterday.
    Our "In Memoriam" to John is on the Current News (above) & on Page 12, IN MEMORIAM.
    I am deeply saddened at three "Lillies" in a row.
    Keep your powder dry,......and keep your head & your body moving.
    best regards

  • #251

    the bat (Thursday, 23 February 2017 17:06)

    There are now 52 new items posted for the month of Febuary 2017.
    I hope you find something of your personal interest.
    Go for it ! - ....and have fun browsing.
    have a good day
    best regards
    Les PS : I could use some feedback, brothers !

  • #250

    Apples (Wednesday, 22 February 2017 22:11)

    Another of the old school has left us Ken was a good and well liked soldier and NCO, RIP my friend

  • #249

    the bat (Wednesday, 22 February 2017 21:28)

    Ken Andrews has passed away. Our "in Memoriam to his memory is now posted (on Current News & on Page 12 In Memoriam)
    His Funeral is on 27th Feb 1300 at Downs Crematorium, Brighton.
    We hope he has a good send-off, as he only has his son living.
    best regards

  • #248

    Tony T (Friday, 17 February 2017 14:01)

    I have just spent an hour looking through photos I have never seen in the private collection. First class. I will look again later.

  • #247

    the bat (Thursday, 16 February 2017 17:17)

    I have now posted 32 new items for Febuary 2017, for your interest & enjoyment.
    Click "What`s New" for details of their respective pages.
    Page 22 is also new, with a complete Regimental History.("Potted" & shortened version for easy reading!)
    "The Orange Lily" visitors are stable, at an average of 40 hits per day. A big Thanks to all.
    best regards
    Les "the bat" Deacon

  • #246

    the bat (Friday, 03 February 2017)

    Thanks...Peter Sigal...will respond per Email

  • #245

    John Edwards (Friday, 03 February 2017 17:02)

    Hi Les can you please send me a picture of an Orange Drum? Its for inclusion in a set of Trade Cards depicting the Queens Regiment. Email


  • #244

    Peter Sigal (Thursday, 02 February 2017 05:56)

    I am visiting this site from Australia. I was attached to the 1st Bn Royal Sussex Regiment in Korea from Jan to Apr 1957. My home unit was CCK Sig Sqn at Inchon. I was responsible for maintaining the Signal Centre at Camp Kohima.
    I am interested to learn if the tour of duty performed by Royal Sussex at the time was classified by the UK Defence Ministry as ' Active Service' or otherwise. Post no 215 for Robert Morley appears to suggest so.
    This info would help those Australians who served in Korea post armistice until July 1957 in meeting the definition of 'qualifying service' for repatriation benefits that currently has a 'cut off' date of April 19 - 1956.
    I hope this message gets through OK and thank you sincerely for any info that you can provide.
    Best Regards
    Peter Sigal (ex Royal Australian Signals)

  • #243

    Colin Twiggs (Thursday, 26 January 2017 11:27)

    It,s been sorted Les, thanks very much. !

  • #242

    the bat (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 07:24)

    L/Cpl. Murphy 1st Bn. 1967 - Boxer
    JG Murphy CSM "B" Coy 3rd Bn. in 1992
    There were only ever 14 issued.
    So this thing is almost priceless.

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