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I extend a warm welcome to you all - from all around the world. Where ever & who ever, you may be. - I hope you enjoy looking through the site, with its hundreds of catalogued photographs covering over 100 years of Regimental life. There are many different pages to view, from the Battalion life, year for year, in timeline - (A sand-bucket, sometimes a handkerchief & a little of your time are needed !)

So.....go on, go in, visit them all, and enjoy exploring them. 

Look & read, laugh, cry and remember.   

Les "the bat" Deacon - Webmaster.



A   Pictorial & Historical, Regimental Story,

made up of Photos, Drawings & Written Articles

    Including a unique NOMINAL ROLL 

  of many, many of the men & boys (and Ladies !)

                     of the                  

               The Royal Sussex Regiment, the 35th Regiment of Foot,

               from 1701 to 1966, and  their successors

              The 3rd Bn. The Queens Regiment,

      from 1966 to 1992.

      "The Orange Lillies" 

                                  Author & Webmaster

I am Les "the bat" Deacon, Aged 75,  born in Hampden Park, Eastbourne in Sussex.

I live in Mühldorf, a market-Town in Southern Bavaria, Germany.

I served from 1961 to 1973 - A total of 12 Years Service (9 with the Colours). 

My Army career began with the Army Apprentice School - Arborfield (Veh. Mech) 

Later followed by the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion - Oswestry (Infantry), 

before joining my county regiment the Royal Sussex Regiment for 9 years.

Within the Royal Sussex Regiment, I served in "A" Company,

"SP" Company - Anti/Tank Pln, as Provost Sergeant & as a member of 14 Int.

I attained the rank of Sergeant, but decided to leave in 1973,

just as the Army started to become "Not that which I thought it used to be". 

I miss my Regiment sorely since, but I have never regretted that decision..

      I married a German national whilst serving in Lemgo, Germany in 1968,

 I have been a civilian expat in Germany, since my demob in Cyprus in `1973.

                         After studying at University in Hamburg & Munich,

                         I have enjoyed a successful self-employed career

     for over 25 years, teaching Communication, Personality-Development,

                  Adult-Counselling and Architecture & Design in 20 countries.

                        (I speak & write fluently in English, German & Italian).

I now enjoy my retirement in beautiful Southern Bavaria, near the Austrian Border, with my young wife                         

         two teenage kids. - I also have two grown-up kids from the previous marriage.

 For a decade I have done the Admin to our Regimental website with Bob "Jonah" Jones in Belize.

                     Bob Jones, the founder, sadly died of Lung Cancer in Belize in 2019.

            Bob`s old website was then reduced to "Blog, Waffle & Haggle" since the 2010`s,

                           so I decided to go it alone, and get back to "The Regiment".!

    I have since, specialised in digital-graphics, web-build, Regimental history and it`s research.  

                      My data-bases & large Regimental Archive are unique on the web.

                             ( Only a fraction of these resources are displayed online).

They are tended & continuously updated by myself & new items are posted daily on this website.  

    Most of all the resources that exist, are posted under their appropriate heading onsite,

The news & blog features are posted on our "The Orange Lily" Newspaper feature on Section 4.

 Although the "Nominal Roll" is of leading importance on this website, there are many other subjects to see also,      

               Especially the Current-News, Anecdotes & "What`s New" Pages, which are updated daily.

                       I wish you all, a "Good Browse", happy hunting and please come again soon.

                                                                Les "the bat" Deacon           

                   "Nothing Succeeds, like Sussex" - Keep Movin` the 35th !

                                                  revised : Bavaria - Jan. 2021

                        Ex 23868882 Sgt. Leslie A. Deacon - 1st Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment 1961-1973                  

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This collection does not profess to be complete and probably never will be !

There are now over 6.000 faces, so take your time !

THERE IS A SEARCH BOX at the top of this page.

If your profile is not shown here, and it should be, don`  t hesitate to let me know; per Email, Skype or FB.


I am happy to receive any feedback or questions from you, that you may have,

concerning this project. (It is the only one of it`s kind on the worldwide web,

and it`  s service requires the assistance of us all, as a Regiment)

L-S.Deacon@t-online.de .............best regards - Leslie Deacon




(Revised June 2020) 





" The Young and Old

The Dead and Living

The Loud and Quiet

The Brave and Frightened

The Father and Son

The Short Service and Long

The Honest and Deceitful

The Loyal and Discredited

The Disgraced and Awarded

The Remembered and Forgotten

The Smart and Scruffy

The Genius and the Fool

The Sensible and Reckless

   The Gentle and Brutal

The Humble and Conceited 

Men of a Regiment

My brothers in Arms

 Many of you are here

Many have already gone

Here is my Tribute,

to my Regiment,

and to you,

I salute you all !


Written by the bat.

(Revised June 2020) 


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The Webmaster

1st July 1916  - Today is the 105th Anniversary of the First Day

of the Battle of the Somme.

The battle began on this day at 7.30am when the British soldiers  went "Over The Top" on a perfect summer’s morning.

(The failed & tragic Boar`s Head attack by our own Battalions, one day previously, was only a mere diversionary "Feint" to disguise this offensive) - Lest We Forget.

Visit Section 12, "The Anonymous Ones" for  over 600 soldiers

of the Royal Sussex Regiment, who were buried without identification.


To make it worse, the "Long" soldier plays a Clarinet & the "Short" one plays the Tuba !

A brilliant drawing of a rifleman of the Heavy Company,

35th Regiment of Foot, in battle - 1766



(...and very young !)

Royal Sussex soldier. - 1914.


"A child - so wasted and so white,
He told a lie to get his way,
To march, a man with men, and fight
While other boys are still at play.
A gallant lie your heart will say."

            from "Pluck" by Eva Dobell.



“ Eventually, All things decline

Everything falters, dies and ends

Towers cave in, walls collapse

Roses wither, horses stumble

Cloth grows old, men expire

Iron rusts and timber rots away

Nothing made by hand will survive.

At last, I understand the truth

That all must die, both clerk and lay

And the fame of men now dead

Will quickly be forgotten

Unless the clerk takes up his pen

And brings their deeds to life again…”


  (Wace, ‘Roman de Rou’, c.1170)



from 1944 to DISBANDMENT



Archived as part of the British Library Archive at :

Also within the US National Archive at the :

NOTE - The digital artwork & graphic of "the bat", is copyrighted privately

Please do not copy without permission....Thanks

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